Building a Sustainable Future

NIRI translates innovative ideas into market-ready products through core services in product development, market and application development, and supply chain and manufacturing support.

Our expertise spans critical construction applications, such as geotextiles, roofing membranes, innovative insulation technologies, and advanced building materials.

Fibrous materials are crucial in the construction industry, providing functionalities that enhance durability, sustainability, and energy efficiency. With the construction market projected to reach USD 12.0 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 7.5%, the demand for advanced construction materials shows significant growth driven by urbanisation, sustainability initiatives, and advancements in building technologies.

Our Key Construction Applications

At NIRI, we specialise in developing advanced products and processes to meet critical needs in construction. Discover how our technologies transform building materials and enhance the effectiveness of construction projects.



We innovate technologies for soil stabilisation, erosion control, and drainage solutions in civil engineering and construction projects.


Roofing Membranes

Our durable, weather-resistant membranes enhance roof performance and longevity


Insulation Materials

We develop high-performance thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and moisture-resistant barriers focusing on sustainable, recycled, or bio-based solutions.


Building Materials

Materials that NIRI develops can offer superior strength, durability, and versatility, meeting modern construction needs while reducing environmental footprints

Dr. Matthew Tipper, NIRI CEO


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