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‘Airlaid’s Rebirth’ – NIRI feature in Nonwovens Industry article

Airlaid technology

NIRI’s CEO, Dr. Matthew Tipper’s comments on the rebirth of airlaid technology has been featured in Nonwovens Industry. He discusses how NIRI is helping companies develop the next wave of sustainable products, using airlaid nonwovens:

“With the EU directive on single-use plastics, the nonwovens industry is focused on experimenting with processes that work towards increased sustainability”.

“Manufacturers are exploring airlaid technologies as these use a high percentage of natural fibres— predominantly fluff pulp. It is both cost-effective and sustainable, biodegradable and renewable.”

Clients come to Nonwovens Innovation to develop their airlaid products on a small scale. Using the NIRI Accelerator, businesses develop iteratively and accelerate their innovation and time to market.

If you’d like to discuss the use of airlaid technology in your sustainable product development, please get in touch. The innovative experts at NIRI are ready to help drive your development forward.