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The team at NIRI deeply understands the fibre, nonwoven and advanced material industries, and we are committed to helping organisations make informed decisions about market, application and development, diversification, and capital equipment investment

We work closely with our customers to understand their unique business challenges and goals. Using our unique technical and market expertise, advanced data and information analytics, and extensive industry network, we develop bespoke market insights reports and provide strategic advice to help them stay ahead of the competition and succeed in the marketplace

What sets us apart?

Many market research companies are distributed globally; however, what sets us apart is our in-depth technical expertise combined with the latest market research practices


Leading Technical and Commercial Expertise


AI & Advanced
Data Analytics


Unique Current & Emerging Technology Insights


Extensive Industry

Our market insights reports are bespoke and can be tailored to any supplier within the global value chain. Our reports equip each sector with the knowledge to make data-driven decisions that foster growth and innovation. Sectors we support include:

Raw Material & Component Suppliers

NIRI provides these suppliers with tailored reports that assess current market trends and forecast future demands. By analysing technical specifications and innovation in materials, NIRI helps suppliers align their production strategies with the evolving needs of manufacturers and brands, ensuring they stay competitive. We also support clients with identifying and evaluating new market opportunities for application development.

Roll Goods & Equipment Manufacturers

For manufacturers of roll goods and equipment, NIRI’s reports offer critical analysis of production efficiencies, emerging technologies, and market opportunities. This intelligence enables manufacturers to optimise their processes and invest in equipment that meets the shifting preferences of the market


NIRI aids convertors in navigating the complex landscape of material transformation and product customisation. With specialised insights into consumer behaviour and technological advancements, convertors can receive guidance on which materials and designs are gaining traction, allowing for strategic planning and innovation in their offerings.


Brands benefit from NIRI’s expertise by receiving market intelligence that uncovers consumer trends, competitive analysis, and branding opportunities. These insights empower brands to make informed decisions on product development, marketing strategies, and customer engagement, helping them to differentiate in the marketplace and develop their next-generation products.


For start-up businesses, NIRI’s reports are a valuable resource for understanding the market they are entering. By providing detailed analyses of industry benchmarks, potential growth areas, and competitive landscapes, NIRI helps start-ups position themselves effectively and identify paths to innovation and disruption

Governments & NGOs

NIRI supports governments and NGOs by delivering comprehensive reports that inform policy-making and strategic initiatives. These reports include socioeconomic analyses, regulatory impact assessments, and sustainability trends, enabling these organisations to align their programs with the market realities and public interests

CEO, $21 Billion Organisation


How do we unlock this potential business?



NIRI’s consultants use in-house know-how and industry expertise to critically review your company’s products, technologies, capabilities, limitations, and competitors



Using our unique overview, market insights and unparalleled access to the industry, we then identify and evaluate opportunities with the potential for rapid penetration and a quick return on investment. We can also assess the patent and technology landscapes and perform competitor evaluations to support this



NIRI then provides a prioritised list of recommended opportunities, including relevant technical and commercial information and justifications to aid decision-making


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