Services Designed to Accelerate Innovation & Business Growth

We are a cutting-edge innovation consultancy dedicated to advancing the field of fibres, nonwovens and advanced materials through innovation, research, and market intelligence. Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry

We offer tailored consultancy services across our fundamental areas of expertise:



  • Ideation of next-generation concepts
  • Proof of principle & concept prototyping
  • Performance benchmarking & validation
  • Reverse engineering
  • Prototyping demonstrator samples

Market & Application Development

  • Identification & evaluation of new opportunities
  • Strategic advice & legislation guidance
  • Competitor evaluation
  • Value proposition
  • Patent & technology

Supply Chain & Manufacturing Support

  • Raw material & component sourcing
  • Scale-up technology transfer & validation
  • Failure mode & root cause analysis
  • Process capability analysis & optimisation
  • Developing quality control protocols
VP Global Marketing, $5.2 Bn Company

At NIRI, we believe that collaboration is the key to innovation. We work closely with our customers and industry partners to develop new ideas and solutions and stay at the forefront of the fibre, nonwoven and advanced material industries. Our services and business models are designed to complement your team, build robust and transparent relationships and deliver business growth for your organisation. NIRI has various business models that can be tailored to your unique requirements

Prof. Stephen Russell, Group Technical Director

“We ensure target performance by exploiting fibre science, processing and geometric structure”

Bridging the gap between fundamental research & commercialisation

We can use our knowledge and innovation know-how to identify raw materials and polymers from the global supply chain and process them into fibres and fabrics with specific 3D architectures and target performances. Furthermore, we can develop and apply late stage added functionalisation techniques to enhance the product’s performance properties and value

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