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Fast Tracking R&D: NIRI’s Accelerator Programme

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Enhance Business Innovation and Speed to Market

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where innovation and speed are key to staying ahead, NIRI has developed an innovative service model to fast-track innovation. The NIRI Accelerator programme has already been adopted by some of the world’s leading innovation companies, offering instant access to expertise and prototyping capability. This service has developed a reputation for accelerating product development by leveraging shared expertise and fostering effective collaboration.


Extend your
R&D capability
and boost output


Access 35+
leading textile
scientists and


Access NIRI’s world class prototyping and analytical facilities

World-Class Expertise at Your Fingertips

NIRI’s Accelerator programme is structured to integrate seamlessly with a client’s existing development team. Each client is paired with one of NIRI’s senior consultants, who is pivotal in managing communication, enabling continual access to NIRI’s world class scientists and facilities and driving innovation across multiple projects and programmes. This approach encourages streamlined product development and rapid progress from concept inception to market entry.

Accessing subject matter expertise is increasingly vital in today’s global market, but with global recruitment challenges it is not always easy to obtain these capabilities in-house, as highlighted by Dr. Ross Ward, Chief Commercial Officer at NIRI: “As with all industries, the nonwovens supply chain is experiencing recruitment challenges, felt across all sectors, which is impacting on the capacity and capability to develop new technologies and products within commercially viable timeframes. For companies that struggle to recruit highly skilled staff and train them up to the necessary level of expertise, NIRI offers instant expertise and capability through the NIRI Accelerator.”

Cost-Effective and Low Risk

Choosing NIRI’s Accelerator programme is a financially savvy decision for businesses. For the cost equivalent of hiring one employee, clients access a dedicated senior consultant and the collective expertise of NIRI’s entire innovation team and their state-of-the-art facilities. This model is particularly beneficial for companies facing the dual challenges of effectively recruiting skilled staff and managing R&D budgets. The programme is also low risk because it enables agility and can be cancelled anytime.


Manage multiple projects and programmes concurrently


Expert support from concept through development to commercialisation


Agreed annual budget, invoiced monthly for work completed

Advanced Facilities for Diverse Prototyping Needs

NIRI’s facilities are a cornerstone of the Accelerator programme, offering a comprehensive range of laboratory and pilot scale prototyping capability, including fibre and filament production, drylaid, wetlaid, spunmelt, nanofibre web formation, and chemical, physical and mechanical bonding technologies. Moreover, their analytical services cover a broad spectrum of properties, including fabric structure, fibre and surface analysis, chemical and thermal properties, filtration, liquid management, and physical testing for fibres, yarns, fabrics and products.

Client Testimonials and Industry Recognition

A testament to NIRI’s impact is the endorsement from the innovation director of a leading £2.5 billion company, emphasising NIRI’s unmatched capabilities and facilities. “NIRI’s commitment to investing in their facilities ensures that their clients remain at the forefront of product innovation”. Dr. Ward emphasises the programme’s focus on commercially viable R&D, from concept development to proof-of-concept prototyping and scale-up support.

“The NIRI Accelerator got our products to market faster” – CEO, FTSE 100 company

Optimal Choice for SMEs and Multinationals

The NIRI Accelerator is not just for large corporations but is an equally compelling option for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its unique blend of expert guidance, comprehensive resources, and cost-effective model makes it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to enhance their R&D capabilities, improve output, and accelerate product development with minimal financial risk and maximum efficiency.

NIRI’s Accelerator programme is a transformative solution for businesses seeking to innovate swiftly and effectively. By partnering with NIRI, companies can overcome common industry challenges, leverage expert resources, and achieve their product development goals faster. Contact our team directly for more information or to explore how the NIRI Accelerator can benefit your business.