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We also develop our own technologies and intellectual property

With a unique oversight of the nonwoven industry, world leading expertise and prototyping facilities designed to innovate, we develop technologies that saves lives, improve health and wellbeing and address environmental challenges that we are all facing as a society.

The technologies we develop are available for licence and sale

Chris Fowler, Group Managing Director

Our game changing technology

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The nonwovens industry has never been so volatile and this is the time to innovate to enter new markets and advance your competitiveness and market share.

Changes in legislation, such as the single-use plastic directive (SUPD) and extended producer responsibility (EPR), as well as a global drive towards achieving carbon neutrality and supply chain insecurity means that companies are having to change their established product and manufacturing infrastructures. 

A common strategy is to introduce ‘plug-in’ technologies that complement existing manufacturing infrastructures and enable enhance functionality and product value without the need for significant capital equipment investment.

This is why we have developed a rapid inline processing approach that enables us to functionalise a wide variety of fibrous materials with chemistries designed for specific applications.









mosquito nets

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