Polymer Engineering

In-house polymer engineering expertise

NIRI provides consultancy and contract research services as well as in-house expertise in polymer engineering. We understand the link between chemical structure and material properties and use this knowledge to refine performance and manufacturing processes to meet our clients’ criteria.

Comprehensive chemical supply chain knowledge

NIRI has comprehensive knowledge of the entire chemical supply chain, from raw materials to finished products. With this insight, we identify crucial stages for intervention and deliver optimal outcomes for our clients’ products.

Innovation in polymer engineering

Polymer engineering is crucial for developing materials for a wide range of applications, and NIRI’s in-house chemists, materials scientists, and engineers have innovated and produced materials that meet specific client demands and requirements. NIRI’s proficiency in this area allows us to produce high-performance materials for use in various industries.



A deeper understanding

One of the primary obstacles in polymer engineering for nonwoven products is to produce materials that exhibit strength, durability, and resilience under varying environmental conditions. NIRI’s triumph in developing new materials and products hinges on our comprehensive knowledge of the correlation between chemical structure and materials properties. NIRI also considers the entire manufacturing process as a whole instead of isolating a single process. We possess complete proficiency in designing, synthesising, processing, and characterising new polymers with specifically engineered properties to cater to your product requirements.

NIRI’s Polymer Engineering capabilities

With full knowledge of the chemical supply chain and nonwovens manufacturing, NIRI can support new product development from early stage TRLs through to commercialisation. NIRI has strategic partnerships with chemical suppliers and manufacturers to support NPD, pilot scale manufacturing and full commercialisation.

Optimise Performance
& Processability

We are experts when evaluating, understanding, and optimising the performance and processability of the supply chain for your existing product or material.


Our team of scientists are capable of engineering additional functionality into textiles and materials through a range of techniques. This includes self-healing polymers, and smart and responsive materials.

Sustainable Product Development

Our extensive experience handling and thermally processing biopolymers for nonwoven applications provides the perfect platform from which to help your business meet its sustainability targets and ambitions.


Sustainability at its core

NIRI are continually innovating and finding new ways to develop new materials and products from more sustainable resources such as bio-based polymers. We strive to create nonwoven products that are biodegradable and have a low environmental impact.

NIRI has extensive knowledge of handling and processing bio-based materials across all nonwoven platforms and were invited to present our pioneering work on the extrusion of PHAs at Greener Manufacturing 2022.


Steven Neill, Chief Innovation Officer

Polymer engineering is a key field of expertise for the team at NIRI and plays a critical role in the development of new materials and products.

Bottom-Up Engineering

Design functionality of polymers by monomer design.

Engineer properties and performance through control of the polymer architecture:

  • Polymer branching
  • Copolymers
Targeted Synthesis

Control physical properties through chemical methods:

  • Controlled molecular weight/molecular weight distribution
  • Side chain engineering
  • Crosslinking
Smart Materials

Use chemical tools to engineer smart functions into polymer materials:

  • Self Healing polymers
  • Responsive materials
  • Drug delivery vehicles
  • Controlled release agents
Compounding & Composites

Engineer performance through blending different materials to create composites with properties greater than the sum of the constituent materials.


Characterisation of polymers to determine thermal processing parameters.

Identify harmful degradation products, pathways and mechanisms.

By using advanced polymer engineering techniques, NIRI provides the knowledge and research that allows companies to create nonwoven products that are stronger, more durable, and safer for the environment.

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