Multi-Sector Expertise on a Global Scale

At NIRI we’re proud of our multi-sector expertise which covers industries such as Medical & Healthcare, Automotive, Construction, and Defence.

Our commitment to advancing the field of fibres, nonwovens, and advanced materials through cutting-edge product development, market and application development, and supply chain and manufacturing support enables us to support industries in creating high-performance, sustainable, and efficient solutions.

Our Key Sectors

By operating in these key sectors, we address critical needs and challenges, driving progress and competitiveness for our clients in an ever-evolving global market.


NIRI drives innovation in the agriculture sector with materials that improve crop protection, irrigation efficiency, and livestock health. Applications include biodegradable mulch films, water-saving irrigation systems, and durable protective outfits for farm workers.



NIRI’s support for the automotive sector includes developing advanced materials for safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Key applications involve electric vehicle components like battery separators and thermal management systems, as well as interior components such as acoustic insulation and antimicrobial fabrics.



NIRI advances the construction sector with durable and sustainable materials for insulation, roofing, and structural components. Applications include fire-resistant insulation, waterproof roofing membranes, and high-strength composites.



NIRI enhances safety and operational efficiency in the defence sector by developing materials for ballistic and stab protection, CBRN protection, thermal protection, and smart protective systems with integrated sensors for real-time monitoring.



NIRI supports the fashion sector by creating sustainable and high-performance textiles. Key applications include interlinings and linings, footwear components, accessories, and advanced garment technologies like odour-resistant and temperature-regulating fabrics.



NIRI revolutionises the filtration sector with advanced materials for air purification, liquid filtration, and industrial filtration systems. Innovations include HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and scalable industrial filtration media for various applications.


Food & Beverage

NIRI innovates for the food and beverage sector with active packaging technologies, high-performance tea and coffee bags, absorbent pads for moisture control, and advanced filtration materials for beverage purity and safety.



NIRI advances the homeware sector by developing materials that enhance comfort, durability, and sustainability. Key applications include carpets and flooring, upholstery, wall coverings, mattress and bedding, blinds and curtains, and other innovative home products.



NIRI improves hygiene products with technologies for baby diapers, period care, adult incontinence, personal care wipes, and disinfecting wipes. Innovations focus on comfort, absorbency, and sustainable materials.



NIRI leads advancements in the medical sector by developing materials for wound care, PPE, and medical devices. Applications include antimicrobial wound dressings, breathable surgical gowns, and innovative diagnostic tools.



NIRI supports the packaging sector with sustainable and efficient materials for protective packaging, food packaging, industrial packaging, and disposable packaging. Key innovations enhance product protection and environmental responsibility.


Performance Clothing

NIRI supports the performance clothing sector by developing high-performance materials for sportswear, equipment, and accessories. Innovations include moisture-wicking fabrics, lightweight composites for equipment, and durable outdoor gear.



NIRI enhances the wipes sector with advanced materials for flushable wipes, personal care wipes, disinfecting wipes, and industrial wipes. Focus areas include biodegradability, antimicrobial properties, and improved cleaning efficiency.

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